Milton Barbarosh Is A Leading Business Adviser

Milton Barbarosh Is A Leading Business Adviser from Oakland who has expertise in the field of mergers and acquisitions, financing, valuation, and accounting. He has an established career in the fields of asset management, factoring and debt restructuring, equity credit lines, purchase and sale of business, corporate loans, and joint ventures. He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and is currently staying in Florida.

He graduated from McGill University as a certified public accountant. After the completion of his degree, he worked for KPMG. After KPMG, he completed his CPA working requirements and returned to the school again to resume his studies. He obtained the Masters in Business Administration degree from the York University with International Economics and Finance as his major subjects.

After obtaining his MBA degree, he joined Ernst & Young in the Toronto office and worked in the departments of mergers and acquisitions and the business valuation. After four years of a successful stint with Ernst &Young, he left for another job. Within this period, he acquired the degree of Chartered Business Valuator from the University of Toronto. Along with this, he also obtained a certificate as a Senior Member of the American Society of Appraisers. After Ernst & Young, he joined the Royal Bank of Canada as a co-head of the mergers & acquisitions group.

In 1986, he shifted to Florida and became the President of JW Charles Group, Inc. for a takeover of some companies which included the security firm of the New York Stock Exchange. Here he earned a license in real estate as a state agent. In 1989, he established his own business named Croft Investments Limited Partnership. He assists and guides the companies which are in debt financing. Along with a CPA, he is also a successful member of the AICPA, FICPA and also a Certified General Management Accountant.

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